Reserved Escape the Room Games for Groups!


COVID-19 UPDATE: There will be no public games and ALL games will be private.

Do you like to know who will be in your Escape Room with you? Do you have a crack team of sleuths ready to take on the challenge alone? Well a private game is the answer for you!

We are able to offer private games in ALL of our Escape Rooms, so it will be easy to organize one for your team.

If you are with a group of family members, friends, or co-workers it’s a lot easier to speak up, freely share ideas, and interject yourself into whatever everyone else is working on because there’s a comfort level there that just can’t be achieved with people you met 5 minutes ago in the lobby. With a private booking everyone is more comfortable and has more opportunity to participate fully in the escape room experience.


Sunday – Friday

All prices include tax

2 people – $100    |    3 people – $135

4 people – $170    |    5 people – $200

6 people – $224    |    7+ people – $call us


Min of 4 people required

4 people – $180    |    5 people – $212.50

6 people – $224    |    7+ people – $call us

NOTE: When booking your escape room online, please check the ‘book entire game’ box.