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Escape Rooms that Facilitate Team Building!

Team Building at an Escape Room?

We genuinely enjoy the process of team building. It is our pleasure to continuously improve and make things better. This energy and passion will be felt when your team is smiling, laughing and working together right in front of you.

The Team Building Ingredients in our Escape Games

Escape games are all about teamwork, communication, and thinking outside of the box. These are all aspects we stress when adapting our games for team building events. Our highly trained game masters will increase the amount of codes, tricks and puzzles to ensure a high level of engagement for all team members.

And the escape room is only half the experience. After the adrenaline rush of working against the clock, we’ll also provide an evaluation form which your team can use to reflect on their experience back at the office. We’re excited to help you turn a fun work outing into a great team building exercise to benefit your business.

Our Secret Sauce Builds TEAMS

We will put your team in a situation wherein problem solving, critical thinking and communication are a must, while having a lot of fun along the way. The team will be fully engaged in accomplishing their task before the deadline of 60 minutes expires.

We notice teams quickly identify each others strengths and weaknesses with the different types of tricks (logic, pattern based, dexterous). Leadership moments will come from areas least expected! Team morale will be on a high with little mini victory moments with each trick that gets solved.

If you have questions about how your team could benefit from this awesome experience in Long Island, please call us at (631) 974-6988 or contact us and we will be glad to help.

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