Designing an escape room experience is an art. We would like to share with you some of our thoughts, ideas, and insights on the very entertaining concept of escape rooms.

Communication and Cooperation

To complete an escape room, you’re going to need a team. It can be small or large, but no one can do it alone. That’s not a challenge, either. The games we offer are specifically designed to require teamwork and communication. Because everyone...

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Comparing Escape Rooms

In case you haven’t noticed, escape rooms are getting quite popular these days, especially in our neighborhood. Where games were once few and far between, now there are some towns that even have more than one. And as we see more escape games on Long Island, players...

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Fun vs Funds

  In the holiday season, a time where most of us are saving and spending and trying to make the most of our dollar, it’s worth asking, “Is an escape room worth the price?” It’s an honest question, and a good one, but difficult to answer. You know what I’m going...

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GSN’s Hellevator

I’m a big proponent of Halloween. When you get down to it, it’s my absolute favorite holiday. Like, my absolute favorite. One of the highlights of my October this year was giving Long Island Escape Game a makeover for some extra spooky vibes. For the past few weeks,...

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Oh Game Master, My Game Master

A quick reminder: Way back in my first blog post, I introduced myself as Brittney—your friendly neighborhood game master. I said then that being a game master is sort of like being an adventure guide, a mentor like Dumbledore or Yoda on your epic puzzle journey. At...

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Game Difficulty and You

Naturally, everyone wants to know the difficulty of the game they’re playing. At this point, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear me say that there is no simple answer.

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