Show up with your friends and family and make the difference! Here are three more tips to help you get out of that tricky escape room you just can’t quite beat. Remember, these are proven to work, so try them! Also, don’t worry, the last four tips will be coming soon!

4. Focus on stops
About halfway through, you might realize that your team is hitting a wall. So focus on what is holding you back. Once you figure out one thing that is holding you up, then the other clues will fall into place. Try and work backward from what is holding you up. Focus on specific clues that seem to be connected to what you are stuck on. When we do this, it helps us to not focus on a “Red Herring” (a clue that has no bearing on your mission, it’s only there to distract you from the real clues.) You might not run into a Red Herring in every room, but it’s good to be aware of this because they can trip you up and distract you from the real clues. Working backward will help us to pinpoint exactly what we need to solve the mission.

5. Team Roles
To succeed as a team, you need to communicate! Most teams fail because there is a lack of communication. Delegate a project manager. Whoever you decide to do this does not need to be involved in the puzzles. That person can call out things that are needed, such as “we’re looking for a four-digit number” or “we’re looking for a five-letter word”. Having a project manager will help keep the communication open and will help the group stay focused on what is needed next. So to escape the room in sixty minutes: communicate communicate communicate!

6. Lock Types
Each escape room will choose the specific types of locks they prefer to use. So It’s good to know which locks are available and what they do. And also to know what locks the escape room your doing chooses to use. But there are a few that are the most common the keylock, combination lock, combination lock that has letters and numbers, dial lock with three numbers, and directional lock. Directional locks can be tricky since there are a lot of different combinations. So take your time when your opening these locks up. Lastly, there are lockboxes. Remember that with lockboxes, it doesn’t matter which direction you put the code in. If your putting in a code and it just isn’t working, have someone else try. Sometimes the pressure of the game can get to you and you just need a new set of eyes on the lock. Sometimes with a key lock, we can get all the numbers except for one. If you find yourself in that situation, do trial and error to find that last one. You only need to go through ten numbers to find the correct one. So have an idea of the types of locks you might have in your next escape room, then you can be prepared.

We hope these tips help you in your next escape room. Remember, these tips are proven to work, so try them! Make sure to reach out to us on Facebook and tell us how these tips helped you!