These last four tips will be the key to beating those tricky escape rooms you run into. These tips will help you to understand the different types of codes and clues that each escape room could have. Remember, each escape room will do things differently. But these tips are proven to work, so use them! They will help you when you find yourself in the situation where the clock is ticking and time is running out.

7. Code Types

Each escape room will have differences in what codes they use. But it’s good to know the basic codes that are in most rooms. There are about five common codes. The first one is Morse code (dots and dashes), pigpen cipher, braille key, Numbers 1-26. Morse code– is a method to transmit the information as a series of sounds or clicks. This can be tricky if you are not familiar with Morse code. Pigpen cipher or Tic Tac toe cipher– simply put this code means that a symbol replaces a letter of the alphabet. Most escape rooms will give you a decoder for this type of code. Braille Key – once you figure out the pattern with this, it’s pretty simple. Numbers 1-26– This one is very simple. You match up the number with the corresponding letters of the alphabet. This will help you get the word you are looking for to crack the clue. Find someone on your team that may be good with one of these types of codes and have them work on that. Use your team’s strengths! This will help you complete your mission under your sixty-minute limit.

Example: Morse Code

Braille Key

Pigpen cipher or Tic Tac toe cipher

8. Written Clue

You might run into a code that is just a written paragraph. Look for something that stands out. Some of the clues might not stand out right away, so look carefully. These are the four most common types: bold letters, words missing letters, capitalized letters, and the first word of each line. You might look at it for a while and may need to go back to it or have someone else look at it. Get a new set of eyes if you to need to. Look at the example below. This paragraph has all of the above-mentioned clues.


Dear John,
The time has come to rmove our path to the
Secret look out point and stop using th
phrase at the tlephone 2839 on the kypad
is a Code to fnd the hotel stay which Is
good for Six nights and Seven days. each
night will be full of Three hours of dancing.
sweet treats will fill th ball room. they say a
prince will be there with Four guards, so
watch out face your fears and unlock the sec

9. Look for patterns 

Always look for patterns. Some of the locks you will be able to unlock by seeing different patterns around the room They could be colors, shapes or both. So keep your eyes open and if ONE of you doesn’t see it, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. So cycle through different people, sometimes you just need a fresh perspective or a new set of eyes.

10. Your guide is your friend

Listen closely to their instructions in the beginning, they could be giving you clues. They could be giving you subtle hints about different aspects of the room that slow others down. Make sure and ask them useful questions that will help you, such as asking them if they have one lock one use policy? ( Some escape rooms require you to use the code or lock multiple times) Your guide is there to help you, not make the escape room more difficult for you! So use their knowledge they have of the rooms.

Remember to have fun! Take a hint if you feel like your behind. Your there to have fun!! You don’t need to feel stuck on a difficult clue, that’s what the guide is there for.