Escape rooms around the world are not only a source of great entertainment for all ages, but they are also becoming a progressive way for business’ to build more cohesion in their teams.

Today we wanted to share with you the experience of a business owner who brought his management staff in for a team building exercise. He owns a restaurant and wanted to see a little more teamwork from his employees. We asked him a few questions about their experience.

Escape Games LI: So you did en escape room for your first time. Did you have any idea of what to expect?

Business Owner: Yes, we came in with our team a few weeks ago. I’ll admit that I always thought escape games were a little odd. I thought they were something that only gamers or Sci-Fi enthusiasts were into.

EGLI: We do hear that! It’s a common misconception. So what did you think once you started?

Business Owner: Well it’s funny, but as we were standing in the waiting room, I was looking at my team and I started to feel a little bit excited. As soon as we were in the room and I saw it for what it was, a mystery – a big puzzle with a lot of smaller puzzles and clues, I realized that it was going to be fun!

EGLI: We’re really glad that you enjoyed it once you started. What did you think of the team building side of the game?

Business Owner: I was shocked! At times some of my staff can struggle to get along. But they got into the room, and they just realized that they had one common goal and only an hour to achieve it! Even though we didn’t quite make it out in an hour, they all worked together, and even after we were done it was like they appreciated each other in a way they hadn’t before.

EGLI: So you’d call it a success?

Business Owner: One-hundred percent. And I’m realistic, work will get hectic again and they may have some of the same issues with each other that they did before. But it was such an easy and quick way to improve their teamwork and attitudes toward each other, that I know we’ll come back!

EGLI: That’s great to hear! Thanks for coming in and thank you for taking a few minutes to tell us about your visit!