Here are the first three of a three-part post that is proven to work the next time you find yourself with a difficult mission. So, don’t worry, there will be more tips to come! Sometimes the clues are right in front of us, but we overthink it. So next time you’re in that escape room that you just can’t seem to beat, try these!
1. Think simple, don’t over-analyze.
If you can’t find the answer to a clue, it’s possible you haven’t found all the information that you need. So, don’t overthink it, if the clue seems too difficult it probably isn’t. For example, if they give you a clue about someone’s travels the answer doesn’t have to be complicated it could be as simple as the number of places they went could be the first number of a lock. So don’t overthink it!
2. Searching
Right, when you get into the room spread out. Search for any clues. Look under tables, under rugs, hollowed-out books, pockets of clothing. Don’t waste your time on places you shouldn’t. Such as light fixtures, walls, electric sockets. Remember clues should be obvious, not necessarily easy to find. But also, not something that we have to take a light fixture apart.
3. Organize your stuff
So, when you get into the room and you spread out to find clues put them together. This will help you see the big picture. It also helps to not waste your precious sixty minutes! Don’t let anyone walk around with anything in their hand, you might need to complete your objective! When you are done with one item put it in a discard pile along with the keys to the lock or the code you used. This will ensure that there is no confusion.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you with your next difficult escape room! Three more tips will be coming soon, so stay tuned. Let us know on our social media how these tips helped you!