Summer vacation is beginning and you’re about to have the kids at home a lot more. And that’s putting it mildly. What can you do with them? A better question, what can you do with them that’s different, fun, engaging and can be done with a group? We have the answer, Escape Rooms!

Maybe you’ve never gotten around to trying one or maybe the idea doesn’t really make sense to you. So we’d like to tell you why it’s a brilliant idea for some summer fun for kids of all ages. It’s not just some a weird room that you’re locked in and need to find a way out of. (Call us crazy, but that sounds like a hostage situation) It’s a well crafted mystery that you will truly need to think outside of the box to solve. Players need to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape and be victorious! Working together is a must but that’s pretty easy when you find a common goal – band together and beat the clock!

And another great reason to consider an escape room is the convenience. We’ll provide the entertainment and the fun for them. We even offer party packages with a specialized party host and pizza and soda are provided at the end! Let us handle everything. That’s a lot easier than handling everything yourself!

In short, summer vacation is coming. Make the kids happy and preserve your sanity at one of our escape rooms!


Look at those smiles!