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Escape the Rooms

Four Escape Rooms, four unique play styles. We are located in Ronkonkoma, NY and Brookhaven, NY. Originally designed for adult outings and corporate team builders, we now customize games for all ages and occasions. Each Escape Room will present a series of challenges and more than one room to escape. You have 60 minutes. Think you have what it takes? The most challenging and fun experience guaranteed!

Battle For The Throne




Cabin In The Woods


Alcatraz Prison Escape

Wild Wild West

Cuckoo's Nest

Who should play?

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You’ve got to think to get outside. Clever escape the room games designed for the curious. Good luck on your quest at Escape The Room Game Long Island.

Family & Friends

Searching for things to do on Long Island with your family and friends, or just need to get away from the screens? Let Escape Room Long Island be your destination. We specialize in providing Kid Friendly Escape Room experiences in Long Island.

Special Occasions

The Long Island Escape Game is a unique and different way to celebrate your special occasion. Escape Room Ronkonkoma and Yaphank bring adventure and code breaking to real life!

Gamers & Enthusiasts

Escape The Room Long Island will put your wits to the test. Escape a room with no clues and join the elite 12 groups of 5,720 that have entered. Non-linear live escape room games with few to zero red herrings.


Our team building group escape rooms are a great way get everyone interacting, without them even realizing it. Once immersed in the game, your team will have to think critically, effectively communicate and depend on each other as a group to escape the rooms.


Sunday- Thursday ~ $36.00 Per Person

Friday- Saturday ~ $42.00 Per Person

Call Ahead for Larger Groups!


BirthDay Celebrations

Get a free ticket on your birthday (minimum of 4 players)

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Safety Update – #YourSafetyFirst

Like everyone, we are very concerned about the spread of COVID-19. So we are taking some extra precautions here to ensure the safety of our customers as well as our staff. All players and game hosts must wear a mask at all times while in the building. All players must...

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The clock is ticking!

These last four tips will be the key to beating those tricky escape rooms you run into. These tips will help you to understand the different types of codes and clues that each escape room could have. Remember, each escape room will do things differently. But these...

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